Katharina Jost         paintings

I was born in Switzerland in 1949. I would love to say that I started painting as a child. But this is not true. I studied adult education and organisational development. I was a consultant for organisations and corporations and I worked in conflict resolution.

In 2000 my husband and I moved to the South Shore of Nova Scotia where we started our new venture, the Second Paradise Retreat. I am now responsible for all things fabric and all the gardens. I just strive to make things beautiful for all the people who spend their vacations at the retreat.

Many years ago I went to an exhibition of a well known Swiss painter. In her bio I read: "She started painting at age 60, after all her children were settled. Her goal was to become a "Sky Painter". Skies and light was all she wanted to paint. And she became a master in it." I was very impressed.

When I was 58, my friends coaxed me into taking a painting class. So I started painting. I take classes, I go to shows and look at other painters' techniques, I work and try... and I love it. And maybe I am given twenty more years to become a good painter of skies and light.

Katharina Jost
Second Paradise Retreat
Second Peninsula, Lunenburg NS